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Working to Resolve

          Your Legal Issues

We offer compassionate representation to our clients who are facing the most trying times of their lives, no matter what form it may take.

                We offer a strong track record in negotiations and mediation to help address those conflicts without incurring a long and expensive process of litigation.

                We offer aggressive representation when it is needed to fully advocate for your rights when, or if, the alternate dispute resolution path fails.

At the Law Office of Carol L. James, our legal team can provide you with knowledgeable and experienced counsel to help guide you through the most stressful and confusing times you will ever face.

                Whether it is a separation, divorce, child custody, or marital property dispute, our office will provide detailed options to resolve the matter in a way that best serves you.  We offer mediation services, negotiated settlements, as well as experience in litigating those cases that require it.

                In criminal and motor vehicle matters, we bring experience negotiating resolutions, as well as trial experience.  Ms. James previously served as an Assistant State's Attorney for Howard County.


Child Support
Custody & Visitation

Representing With Respect

Personal Injury
Domestic Violence

Proven Record

Second Saturday Divorce Workshop -Columbia, MD

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