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“Ms. James handled my divorce and it went extremely quickly and smoothly.  Everything was explained to me well, and communication was always prompt.  Not only is Ms. James an expert professional, she is also very personable.  

I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the fee for her services was.   And although my divorce was amicable, I never felt neglected for being a smaller case.  

I definitely would recommend her to anyone in need of a family lawyer. 


That last part was so important to me!  I was never made to feel unimportant or like an afterthought; I believe she gave me just as much quality and respect as she would give to a high $$$ client.

That is how I personally work(and our whole practice in general), so I’m always happy when the person dealing with ME is the same way!  

Thanks again,



"Outstanding Mediator 5.0 Stars"

"One of the other testimonials describes Ms. James as conducting herself with "absolute calm".  I could not agree more and that was critical for me.  My divorce case was very stressful, and my ex-wife's attorney was vicious to me.  I was panicking the day I met Carol and she gave me immediate relief.  Another testimonial mentions that Carol is very personable.  Again, I could not agree more.  The testimonials you read on this website are true.  She is everything that others have said here and more.  Ultimately, getting what you feel you deserve from your divorce case will be the most important thing for you.  Carol will get that for you...with grace) and someone else said that as well!).  Thank you, Carol


Gary E.

"I had hired another lawyer who promised to be efficient and careful about the cost of the custody case I had.  He took over $40,000 from my assets before I had any idea what was happening.  I just went along with him, trusting that he was doing the necessary work.  Then I realized that I would likely need that amount again to keep the case going.  I went to Carol after talking to a friend who had used her.  My case was settled in less than 30 days in a way that was best for my children and in a way that I thought it should have gone months ago.  She calmly addressed the issues, found the path for us, and put it in place for a fraction of what I paid my first attorney. You will not have my bad experience if you start with Carol and listen to common sense ways to handle these terrible conflicts."


"I have worked with Carol James for over 7 years now as she represents me for my family law cases.  It has always been a blessing to have found a lawyer that gets right down to business and understands her clients objectives quickly.  I’ve never known another lawyer more prepared or focused.  She has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm.  Nothing seems to rattle Carol or distract her from her goal on a case, which of course, makes her extremely tough to beat.  She’s also one of the most ethical lawyers I’ve ever known. I wouldn't choose another lawyer in the area because Carol James will get it done for you."


"Outstanding Mediator 5.0 Stars"

"I had the opportunity to deal with Carol James as a mediator for my divorce hearing. Although faced with a tirade from my angry ex-mother-in-law who was not even supposed to attend the hearing, Ms. James handled the situation with absolute professionalism and grace. She conducted the hearing without any difficulty and was able to actually make the whole process less stressful. If you choose to go through mediation as opposed to a hearing within the court (and I highly recommend this method!), Carol James is the mediator to make the process less stressful. I would recommend her to anyone, no matter what county in Maryland they live in.

Carol's knowledge has been amazing over the course of time I have been working with her and her staff. Ms James is a person that I would have loved to have known outside of this kind of need. I have provided her contact information to several people and would do it every time for people that need her type of services!"


"Best Family Lawyer in Maryland! Bar None!

Always the proper counsel provided. 5.0 stars"

"Ms. James made a bad situation bearable. I took the time to meet with several different lawyers prior to working with Ms. James. She was perfect for my needs and clicked with my personality. Ms. James provided me all the insight and proper counsel. I can’t say I always followed it but I can honestly say I should have. Her communication is clear and she has always worked in my best interest and my daughters."


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